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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR):

At MDQuality Apps, we specialize in crafting software that immerses users in simulated environments, making virtual reality (VR) a transformative experience. With over three decades of software development expertise and 26 years of 3D modeling experience, our team excels at creating VR applications that not only compete in the market but also boast high user adoption rates.

Harness the power of virtual reality to thrive in the real world!

To establish a dedicated user base in the ever-expanding VR landscape, it's time to start planning your original VR app development project with us.

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What Markets Do Our VR Apps Serve?

  • starburst-shape Surgical simulations
  • starburst-shape Psychiatric treatment
  • starburst-shape Gamification of therapy
  • starburst-shape Integrated learning
  • starburst-shape Integrated research
  • starburst-shape Virtual engineering and design training
  • starburst-shape Maintenance advice
  • starburst-shape VR exhibits
  • starburst-shape Training
Real Estate:
  • starburst-shape Virtual excursions
  • starburst-shape Gamified advertisements
  • starburst-shape Virtual occasions
Travel and Entertainment:
  • starburst-shape Virtual excursions
  • starburst-shape Virtual installations of art
  • starburst-shape Simulators for driving
  • starburst-shape Flight simulators

Why Choose MDQuality Apps for Your VR App Development?

  • starburst-shape 5 years of software product development
  • starburst-shape 3 years of 3D modeling
  • starburst-shape 5 years in retail IT
  • starburst-shape 4 years in healthcare IT
  • starburst-shape 3 years of marketing software development
  • starburst-shape 3 years of eLearning experience
  • starburst-shape A team of 6+ highly qualified professionals
  • starburst-shape Proficiency in DevOps, Agile, and Lean methodologies

MDQuality Apps VR Development in Numbers

2.5x: Cost savings compared to internal VR app development.

10x: Faster 3D model creation with our scripts.

90%+: High user satisfaction with the finished VR application.

A Secure and Lucrative Investment:

We conduct a feasibility study and offer a free project estimation to ensure your investment is well-spent.

Technical product management consultancy available to manage risks and minimize financial losses.

Utilization of Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Incorporate advanced technologies in your VR apps with our cross-domain expertise, including IoT, machine intelligence, visual computing, voice recognition, and eye-tracking analytics.

Business Consultancy:

We collaborate with you to create high-level and detailed VR software designs.

Evaluate your needs and define technical specifications.

Help you select VR equipment while considering your budget.

Architectural Planning:

Design a unique software architecture for superior performance, scalability, and ease of configuration.

3-D Modeling:

Enhance immersion with realistic visuals, kinesthetic features, and captivating animations

Quality Assurance:

Our testing engineers ensure top-notch quality through unit tests, manual and automated testing, and comprehensive documentation.

Integrating VR Software:

Seamlessly integrate VR software with hardware and other software systems, including CMS, LMS, EHR, and CRM.

Support and Development of VR Software:

We continuously maintain and develop your VR application to keep it competitive.Choose from unique VR software development, enhancing existing VR software, or integrating VR into your current software to boost engagement and expand your user base.

Development of VR Software:

Craft seamless VR experiences using computer vision, motion/eye tracking technology, user-friendly interactivity, and immersive audio acoustics.

Optimize backends for VR processes with high loads.


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