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MDQuality Apps and AWS: Individually Exceptional. Together Unrivaled.

At MDQuality Apps, we are dedicated to developing AWS-based solutions that fuel digital transformation and add substantial value across various business domains. Our end-to-end services encompass:

Big Data Expertise for 8 Years

We've been implementing effective big data solutions since 2015.

5 Years in DevOps

Our commitment to high release frequency and reliability has been unwavering since 2018.

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  • starburst-shape Containers and Compute
  • starburst-shape Networking
  • starburst-shape Database and Storage
  • starburst-shape Serverless
  • starburst-shape Data Analytics and Big Data
  • starburst-shape Technical Experts
  • starburst-shape Application Integration with AWS
  • starburst-shape Application Migration for AWS
  • starburst-shape Security, Identity, and Compliance with AWS
  • starburst-shape Amazon DevOps and Infrastructure Management

IoT Pioneers for 8 Years

We've been driving IoT breakthroughs across more than 10 industries since 2015.

Creation of Mobile and Web Applications

MDQuality Apps crafts effective AWS-based solutions for medium and large enterprises, ranging from robust corporate software to polished customer-facing applications.

In-Depth Knowledge of AWS Product Features

We possess a deep understanding of the latest AWS product features and best practices, coupled with expertise in blockchain, big data, IoT, AR/VR, and machine learning.

5-Year Career in Cybersecurity

Since 2017, we've been offering comprehensive security strategy creation, testing, and monitoring.

MDQuality Apps proudly holds the status of an AWS Select Tier Partner. This recognition from AWS underscores our ability to assist clients in harnessing the full spectrum of AWS features, covering design, construction, migration, and cloud solution management.

DevOps Implementation

With AWS services and DevOps techniques, MDQuality Apps empowers businesses to develop and deploy software faster and more consistently. We automate IT infrastructure setup and management, application code deployment, software release processes, and infrastructure and application performance monitoring.

Dependable, Secure, High-Performance Architecture

We provide a reliable, secure, and high-performance application architecture, ensuring that an MVP can be delivered in 1-4 months.

Migrating to AWS

We plan and execute safe and effective migrations of applications, databases, or entire IT infrastructures to the AWS cloud. We handle all necessary architecture and code modifications to fully leverage cloud capabilities.

Security and Compliance

MDQuality Apps enhances the security of existing cloud assets or creates secure and compliant cloud environments from the ground up, including access and identity management, data encryption, network protection, and Amazon security settings.

Support for Apps and Amazon Infrastructure

We offer proactive maintenance and high availability for your entire Amazon infrastructure or individual AWS-based apps and databases, including constant monitoring, preventative and restorative maintenance, and IT help desk support.

AWS Cost Reduction

Leveraging our deep AWS expertise and more than a decade of experience in creating cost-effective cloud solutions, MDQuality Apps can help reduce your AWS bill by 30-70%.

How MDQuality Apps Transfers Apps to Amazon

Learn about the steps involved in moving an application to the AWS cloud, migration methodologies, success recommendations, cost considerations, and required resources.

How to Move Infrastructures to AWS using MDQuality Apps

Explore the migration of entire IT infrastructures to the AWS cloud, covering necessary skills, practical tools, and migration time and cost estimates.

Building a Healthcare Data Warehouse with AWS

Discover the implementation of a healthcare data warehouse on Amazon, including key features, integrations, success criteria, AWS technologies, and more.

Leveraging AWS to Transform Key Industries:

At MDQuality Apps, we have honed our skills across a wide array of sectors to provide our customers with truly valuable solutions:

  • starburst-shape Healthcare
  • starburst-shape Banking
  • starburst-shape Manufacturing
  • starburst-shape Information Technology
  • starburst-shape Oil and Gas
  • starburst-shape Retail
  • starburst-shape Telecommunications
  • starburst-shape Transport and Logistics
  • starburst-shape Insurance
  • starburst-shape Professional Services
  • starburst-shape Advertising and Marketing
  • starburst-shape Community Services

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