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Cloud Consultancy Services:

In the quest to establish a robust cloud infrastructure or enhance existing cloud environments, organizations often turn to cloud consultancy. At MDQuality Apps, we go beyond designing cloud strategies; we specialize in crafting effective cloud-native applications, setting up cloud data warehouses, and seamlessly transitioning legacy infrastructures to the cloud. We offer a range of services to cater to your specific needs.

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We Manage Cloud Deployments:

1. Services for the Public Cloud:
  • starburst-shape Leverage the flexibility in pricing, virtually unlimited scalability, and the ease of usage and maintenance.
  • 2. Services for Private Cloud Consulting:
  • starburst-shape Benefit from zero latency, enhanced security, and privacy for local applications.
  • 3. Consultancy Services for Hybrid Clouds:
  • starburst-shape Unite the best features of both public and private clouds.
  • 4. Services for Several Clouds:
  • starburst-shape Take advantage of special deals offered by various cloud companies.

Cloud Adoption Strategy:

Planned, prioritized, and schedule the development of cloud-native apps, cloud data warehouses, and IT infrastructure migration.

Project Viability Evaluation:

Assess the feasibility of your cloud projects, including Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) projections.

Design and Development:

Create Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, IT infrastructure, cloud applications, and data warehouses.

Legacy Infrastructure Migration:

Transition legacy infrastructure to the cloud through re-platforming, restructuring, and rehosting.

Knowledge Transfer:

Transfer knowledge to IT support staff.

Code Configuration and Review:

Configure and review code for hybrid and cloud infrastructure.

Why Choose MDQuality Apps:
  • starburst-shape We possess over 4 years of extensive experience in cloud migration and development.
  • starburst-shape We are a trusted services partner for AWS.
  • starburst-shape Our sophisticated quality management system, backed by ISO 9001 certification, ensures project implementation that fully meets your expectations for quality, timeliness, and budget.
  • starburst-shape Our ISO 27001 certification guarantees secure data access for clients.
  • starburst-shape We have in-depth knowledge of major public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

How MDQuality Apps Cloud Consulting Services Can Benefit You:

Our services are designed to deliver the following advantages:

Reduced Migration Costs: We provide customized migration plans for each infrastructure component, minimizing re-development work and lowering migration costs.

Optimized Monthly Cloud Charges: We employ resource orchestration techniques and select the most suitable cloud services for your unique situation, ensuring cost-efficiency.

Speedy Development: We implement effective DevOps methods and recommend ready-to-use cloud services, allowing you to develop your application without extensive coding.

Reliability: We design fault-tolerant cloud app architectures for high dependability and rapid recovery, following cloud performance management best practices.

Enhanced Security: Our efficient information security management methods support granular access control, user behavior policies, and security training.

Assured Quality: Entrusting your cloud infrastructure to MDQuality Apps ensures the highest possible service quality, driven by collaboration, communication, and qualified staff.

Ready for a Risk-Free and Cost-Effective Cloud Journey?

Our experienced professionals are prepared to guide you through cloud products, enabling intelligent cloud adoption, accelerating digital transformation, and delivering tangible results from the start.

Projects in the Cloud We Choose:

One of our successful projects involved optimizing an Azure-based infrastructure for educational applications, resulting in significant cost savings.

MDQuality Apps Cloud Service Options:

Migration to the Cloud: We work with you to develop a practical cloud adoption strategy and execute reliable migrations without disrupting your business.

Cloud Formation: We design, develop, test, deploy, and support customized cloud-native applications and data warehouses tailored to your unique requirements.

Cloud Optimization: We identify and resolve issues in your cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal resource usage.

If you're ready to excel in the cloud, share your requirements with us, and we'll provide a practical cloud solution tailored to your specific needs.

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