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Healthcare Information Technology Solutions

Our mission is to enhance patient care by providing cutting-edge healthcare information technology consulting and technology solutions, bridging the gap between hospitals and patients' homes. MDQuality Apps has achieved significant success through mobile devices, connected care solutions, and remote consultations:

5K consultations have been conducted, connecting patients with doctors through internet-enabled devices.

2K patient records are securely stored to ensure privacy and accessibility.

Successful delivery of 20 healthcare projects in the past.

Facilitated 5K phone calls during virtual consultations between doctors and patients.

hospital management system app and web development
hospital management app and web development
IT Services for the Healthcare Sector

Our comprehensive healthcare solutions encompass business consultancy, application development, maintenance, testing, mobility, and analytics, all aimed at improving patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. Our key offerings include:

Hospital Management System: A powerful system streamlining daily hospital operations while considering patient medical histories.

EMR for Managing Patient Records: Securely store and manage electronic health records for a seamless patient experience.

Arrangements & Appointments: Efficiently control appointment scheduling for patients, with doctors overseeing the schedule.

Invoice & Billing: Automatically generate bills based on consultation fees and update payment statuses.

Records of Admission, Discharge, and Transfer: Manage patient data securely and enable authorized access for status management.

Prescription: Patients can access medication information with a single click in our Hospital Information Management System (HIMS).

Analytics & Insights: Analyze hospital data to gain valuable insights into patients' health problems.

Staff Control: Assign tasks and responsibilities to hospital personnel with tracking for efficient execution.

System for Clinical Communication

Our communication solution ensures secure information exchange within hospital teams, enhancing collaboration and patient care:

Engaging Conversation: Simplify interactions between clinic personnel and doctors for streamlined treatment.

Shift Management: Efficiently schedule doctor appointments to reduce waiting times and no-shows.

Personnel Management: Effectively manage staff tasks and communication within the clinic.

Subscription Model: Offer subscription-based services for clinics based on the number of employees.

Bulk Messaging: Facilitate bulk messaging to staff and patients, with the option to create templates.

Schedules and To-Dos: Schedule appointments for patients and doctors at the same clinic, helping employees manage their daily tasks.

Testing Services

Our platform allows patients to complete diagnostic tests in the comfort of their homes, including ABPM, Sleep studies, Holter monitoring, and CGM:

House Delivery: An algorithm determines booking slots based on location, device availability, and technician schedules.

Real-Time Technician Tracking: An easy-to-use smartphone app for installation and removal of devices, with real-time reservation viewing.

Executive Reporting: Create legible medical records and appoint specialist doctors to review them.

Expert Advice/Opinion: Doctors can access reports for expert opinions upon patient request.

Organizational Management: Oversee the system's daily operations for equipment and consumables delivery, ensuring efficient service.

ACL: Dynamic Rules and Multi-level Access Control for Clinic Work Management for Enhanced Security.

Diet & Food Solutions

We provide personalized nutrition and diet plans tailored to each user's needs:

Nutritional Analysis: Create diet plans based on DNA data and user lifestyles, with video advertisements for pre-roll.

Track Your Progress: Use GPS and a gyroscope to monitor your steps and compete with other users.

Integrated Leaderboard and Dashboard: Display compiled data on a dashboard and compete for points on the leaderboard.

Interactive User Interface: Visualize your performance throughout exercise activities with interactive data graphs.

Organizational Management: Ensure smooth day-to-day operations for equipment and consumables delivery, along with workout tutorials.

Story of Success

Our experienced team of developers excels in healthcare app development, web portal development, and medical apps. Here are some of our achievements, highlighting our commitment to using technology to close healthcare gaps:

How a specially designed real-time communication SaaS solution relieved the anguish of over 100 clinics while ensuring patient confidentiality and integrity with a HIPAA-compliant system.

Join us in revolutionizing healthcare with innovative technology and solutions.

Pharmacy Services

Customers can access our online pharmacy service for convenient medication delivery. We offer a one-stop shop for pharmacies targeting internet and mobile applications:

Simple Ordering Procedure: Upload prescriptions to initiate the order process quickly and avoid product browsing.

Browse Products: Enjoy a powerful search function with auto-suggest and comprehensive product indexing.

Inventory and Stock Management: Manage SKU and inventory on a standalone platform, with third-party shipping integration.

Discounts/Coupons: Administrators can set up rule-based coupons and discounts for improved workflow.

Physical Fitness: Join health and wellness communities to stay committed to your fitness goals. Trainers can provide recorded or live videos to motivate your fitness journey:

Live Broadcasting: Trainers can stream live videos or upload recorded content to motivate users.

Quick Chat: Interact with trainers through direct messaging without scheduling an appointment.

Income from Advertisements: Pre-roll video advertisements in live streams can generate additional revenue.

Hosting and Streaming: Utilize third-party integrations for streaming, video playback, and live recording, requiring expertise.


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