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Are you looking to hire experienced React Native developers for your next project? MDQuality Apps offers a team of skilled React Native programmers who specialize in building clean, cross-platform code that can run seamlessly on Android, iOS, and the web. This approach can help reduce project time and expenses by up to 50%, especially for those targeting multiple platforms.

Our journey with React Native began in 2015, and since then, we've been continuously expanding our expertise in this framework. We're committed to the professional development of our engineers, ensuring that we only hire the best React Native talent. We offer flexible engagement models, including team augmentation and dedicated team options, to suit your project's needs.

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Why Choose MDQuality Apps as Your Development Partner?

Extensive Experience: With over 5 years of experience in the IT industry and 7 years of specialization in React Native, MDQuality Apps brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Proven Track Record: We've successfully completed over 50 modest to large-scale React Native projects.

Skilled Team: React Native developers makeup 50% of our workforce, with an average of 3 years of real-world experience using React Native.

DevOps and CI/CD Expertise: We have a strong foundation in DevOps and CI/CD practices, ensuring efficient project management and continuous integration.

Quick Ramp-up: Our team can be up and running in as little as 2 to 3 weeks, ensuring a swift start to your project.

Global Presence: While our headquarters are in McKinney, Texas, we also have European offshore development hubs and representational offices in Georgia, the EU, and the UAE.

Our Rigorous Hiring Process

We understand the importance of assembling a top-tier team of developers. That's why we have a rigorous six-step hiring process to select only the best and most productive engineers:

  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Resume Review: We start with a careful review of candidates' resumes.
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 HR Interview: Candidates go through an interview with our HR consultants.
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Soft Skills Test: A test task focused on evaluating candidates' soft skills.
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Team Lead or PM Interview: Candidates meet with a team lead or project manager.
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Hard Skills Test: Another test task, this time assessing candidates' technical skills.
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 CTO Interview: Final evaluation by our Chief Technology Officer.

Maintaining High-Quality Code

Our React Native experts adhere to best practices for maintaining high-quality code. This includes:

Code Principles and Instructions: We follow code guidelines and standards for React Native, ensuring clarity and consistency.

Unit Tests: We create unit tests to verify code behavior and performance, especially after substantial updates.

Code Reviews: We conduct various types of code reviews to maintain code quality.

Code Quality Metrics: We track lines of code, Cyclomatic Complexity (CC), and Maintainability Index (MI) to measure code quality.

Applications Created by Our React Native Developers

  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Mobile apps for iOS
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Android-based mobile apps
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Web applications
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Smart TV apps
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Virtual reality applications
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Augmented reality applications
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Leverage Our Comprehensive React Native Knowledge

MDQuality Apps provides comprehensive expertise in React Native, offering services such as:

  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Defining the right React Native technologies for your project
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Software architecture design
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Rapid app development using available components
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Development of React Native apps, including Native Modules
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 React Native app transfers and version upgrades
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Code review, unit testing, and maintenance
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Troubleshooting and integration of React Native apps
  • java-coffee-cup-logo--v1 Working with MDQuality Apps' React Native Developers

Here's how you can work with our React Native developers:

First Request: Submit your requirements, specifying the number of React Native specialists, their expertise level, and the type of engagement you prefer.

Resume Scanning: We'll send you the most relevant CVs from our specialist database.

Interview Arrangements: Select the CVs that interest you, and we'll help schedule candidate interviews.

Interviews: We facilitate interviews with our React Native developers within 1-2 days.

SLA Planning: After verifying the expertise of the specialists, we collaborate with you to create a service-level agreement (SLA).

Guaranteeing High-Quality Collaboration

Managing Resources Without Risk: We offer well-rounded, committed teams or individual candidates who have successfully completed our rigorous hiring process.

Performance Monitoring: We discuss project-specific KPIs with each customer and provide access to our internal logging systems for progress tracking.

Growth and Training: We invest in the growth of our engineers by providing training and encouraging them to advance their careers in the way that suits them best.

In-House vs. Outsourcing: Making the Right Choice

Building a team of qualified React Native engineers can be a time-consuming process. On average, it takes six months to find and hire one suitable individual. In contrast, outsourcing can help you assemble your team within just 2 weeks.

You can choose to work with professionals from different continents, allowing you to benefit from cost variations based on geographic location. Our services offer flexibility in this regard.

Choose Your Model of Cooperation:

Team Augmentation with React Native: Use MDQuality Apps' React Native developers to fill skill or staff gaps.

Dedicated React Native Team: Hire a dedicated team to work on your project under the supervision of the MDQuality Apps' Team Lead or Project Manager.

With MDQuality Apps, you have a partner dedicated to delivering high-quality React Native development services and ensuring the success of your projects. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your specific requirements and contribute to your success.


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