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Accelerate the shift to electric vehicles with our innovative custom EV software and mobile app solutions.

Energize your business with top-notch custom EV solutions. Whether you need electric vehicle charging app development, EV fleet management software development, or EV roaming software development, we've got all your e-mobility software needs covered.

e-learning system development
e-learning system development

EV Charging Station Management Systems

Trim electricity costs and receive advanced diagnostics on station health to keep it running smoothly. Expand your charging infrastructure and provide exceptional customer experiences with effortless tracking, management, and optimization of EV charging.

Parking Detection and Management Systems

Develop intelligent parking systems seamlessly integrated with charging stations for efficient management and monitoring of EV-dedicated parking bays. Utilize next-gen IoT sensors, digital apps, and reservations to automate and enhance parking areas.

V2G Systems

Optimize investments, stabilize the grid, and reduce fleet total cost of ownership with V2G-compatible vehicles. Smart energy management promotes sustainability, innovation, and improves your brand image.

Demand Response Systems

Harness the power of smart grid technology to gain better control and visibility over your EV fleet’s energy usage. Effectively manage and enhance energy consumption, unlocking the full potential of your EV fleet with our electric vehicle mobile app development services.

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Maximize EV range while lowering costs and mitigating thermal runaway. Optimize the performance and efficiency of electric vehicles while balancing the load on electrical infrastructure with energy management systems tailored to your business needs.

Connectivity (OCPP, OCPI, OICP & more)

Embrace the power of connectivity protocols like OCPP, OCPI, and OICP for maximum interoperability between EV charging stations, network operators, and service providers. Our EV charging mobile app development solutions feature flexible payment models and seamless integrations with EMS to build an interconnected EV charging infrastructure.

Smart Charging

Construct a modular and scalable EV charging infrastructure to optimize the charging experience for electric vehicle users and improve operational efficiency with our flexible EV charging software development solutions.

EV Telematics Integration

Gain complete visibility into your EV fleet, increase uptime, prevent breakdowns, and save costs. Leverage our advanced custom EV telematics solutions to seamlessly integrate electric vehicles with telematics technology, managing every aspect of vehicle health and operations in real-time.

eScooter App Development

Provide unparalleled convenience and mobility while ensuring complete safety. Efficiently manage your eScooter fleet with real-time insights into each vehicle's status and geofencing technology compliance through our innovative eScooter mobile app development solutions.

Types of EV Apps We Develop

With a track record of serving 150+ prestigious EV clients, we have the experience and expertise to deliver e-vehicle app development solutions of any scale and complexity. Whether it's a simple EV station finder app or a complex EV fleet management software development solution, we deliver applications that ensure success for our clients.

Key Features We Integrate into Your EV Apps and Software

As a leading electric vehicle app development company, we create sophisticated EV solutions equipped with essential and advanced features tailored to your business needs. From electric vehicle charging app solutions to cutting-edge fleet management systems, we prioritize excellence in every aspect to empower your EV business for the future.

Why Choose MDQuality Apps for Your Electric Vehicle Software Development Needs?

MDQuality Apps is a leading electric vehicle software development company with a proven track record of delivering exceptional EV solutions worldwide. Clients choose us for their custom e-vehicle software and mobile app development needs for the following reasons:

Conformity to Compliances and Regulations

As a trusted eVehicle app development company, we prioritize full compliance with industry regulations, standards, and protocols. Whether it's GDPR, ISO 27001, or protocols like OCPP and OCPI, we adhere to all to protect sensitive data and implement robust security measures.

24/7 Support

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted operations for your EV business, our skilled electric vehicle software development experts provide 24/7 support services. This ensures you have timely assistance and technical expertise round-the-clock.


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