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Retail IT Services

Our technology solutions for the retail sector are designed to create a seamless omnichannel ecosystem and enhance user engagement.

Key Achievements

End-to-End Transformation: Our retail technology solutions are tailored to match customer expectations and shopping habits, revolutionizing the entire shopping experience.

Efficient Product Delivery: We employ technology-based strategies to streamline product delivery, ensuring customers get their orders on time.

hospital management app and web development
hospital management app and web development

Secure Payment Gateway: With over 40 safe online payment options, we guarantee secure transactions for our customers.

Global Reach: We extend our retail solutions to more than 7 countries, connecting with clients all over the world.

Serving 150+ Clients: We've successfully partnered with over 150 clients worldwide, providing them with top-notch IT services for the retail sector.

Dispatch Solution

Our platform facilitates online orders from nearby restaurants, ensuring food lovers enjoy a convenient and hassle-free experience. Local Restaurant Search: Users can find local eateries based on their current location or a specific area, ensuring relevant results. Effortless Online Ordering: Our system simplifies the online ordering process, offering options for Cash-on-Delivery or secure online payments. Comprehensive Reviews and Ratings: Users can access restaurant reviews and ratings, considering various service parameters. Live GPS Tracking: Track your delivery in real time and estimate arrival time with ease. Tip Your Delivery Person: Customers can show their appreciation by tipping the delivery person, maintaining high service standards. Effective Delivery Management: Our platform optimizes deliveries based on delivery boy locations and proximity to orders.

Retail ERP Program

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system consolidates organizational data and business operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Customer Service: Manage customer profiles and shopping histories, enabling personalized services and targeted marketing. Inventory Control: Effortlessly track and manage product inventory, aiding in efficient planning. Product Administration: Effectively manage products, types, prices, sizes, and materials, ensuring product life cycle management. Reward and Loyalty Programs: Develop and manage marketing campaigns and personalized strategies to enhance customer loyalty. Store and Warehouse Management: Streamline operations across multiple stores and warehouses.

Enterprise Magento Solution

Our eCommerce solution caters to consumer electronics, automotive audio installation supplies, and motorbike and truck accessories. Effortless Online Shopping: Users can explore and place orders online with ease, thanks to our powerful search functionality. Secure Payment Options: Customers can choose from PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Amazon Pay for secure payments. ADA Compliance: Our platform complies with national and international accessibility requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. Migration Success Story: We successfully migrated from AWS cloud infrastructure to a Magento Cloud server and upgraded from Magento 1 EE to Magento 2 EE. Third-Party Integrations: We seamlessly integrate third-party APIs, extensions, Google Tag Manager, QAD ERP Tool, and Google conversion tracking. B2B Buying: Companies can access goods at reduced costs for budget-friendly shopping. Mobile Apps: Our high-performance native mobile apps for iOS and Android enhance the shopping experience. We transformed a legacy system, over a decade old, into a multi-platform digital enterprise system, focusing on automation and process interaction to enhance the current workflow.


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