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Big Data Services for Significant Impact

Our Big Data services are here to empower businesses by unlocking the full potential of their data and helping them achieve their strategic goals through data analysis. Since 2014, MDQuality Apps has been at the forefront of offering a wide range of Big Data services, including consultancy, installation, support, and Big Data as a Service.

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big data develop vector

What Sets MDQuality Apps Apart

With over 4 years of experience in the fields of data analytics and data science, we've honed our expertise in addressing diverse analytical needs, including advanced analytics. This deep understanding equips us to guide you through your data-driven journey effectively.

To stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech and data analytics landscape, we've forged partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and other digital giants.

Our commitment to quality is evident through our well-developed, ISO 9001-certified quality management system and a philosophy that places quality at the forefront.

We take security seriously, with ISO 27001 certification backed by rigorous rules, cutting-edge security technology, and a team of qualified experts.

Comprehensive Big Data Services by MDQuality Apps

Our comprehensive suite of Big Data services includes:
  • starburst-shape Administration of Big Data solutions.
  • starburst-shape Software upgrades for Big Data.
  • starburst-shape Permission management and user additions.
  • starburst-shape Structuring and organizing Big Data.
  • starburst-shape Data cleansing for Big Data.
  • starburst-shape Backup and recovery for Big Data.
  • starburst-shape Health checks for Big Data solutions.
  • starburst-shape Performance monitoring and troubleshooting for Big Data solutions.
  • starburst-shape Managed analytics for Big Data, offering infrastructure setup and support, data management, ML model creation and optimization, and timely report generation.

Exploring Big Data Analytics Technology

We deploy Big Data analytics across various industries for:
  • starburst-shape Extensive data storage, facilitating analytical querying and reporting for business operations, finances, clients, and more.
  • starburst-shape Business performance analytics, covering sales, expenses, investments, and predictive forecasting with a focus on interdependencies.
  • starburst-shape Analytical operations, including the acquisition, processing, and storage of operational data, as well as spotting irregularities and bottlenecks.
  • starburst-shape Industry-specific use cases such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, logistics, retail, oil and gas, and telecommunications, with real-time data analysis and predictive modeling.

Ready to Unlock Your Company's Big Data Potential?

MDQuality Apps is your partner in collecting, combining, and analyzing data from diverse sources to reveal hidden insights that can transform your business.

Our Notable Big Data Projects

Consulting for a Major Internet of Vehicles Business: We assisted a client in enhancing their Big Data analytics capabilities, connecting 600,000 vehicles to their IoT data system.

Discussing the Technical Aspects

Our expertise covers various technical elements of Big Data solutions, including data lakes, data warehouses, ETL processes, OLAP cubes, data visualization, data science, data quality management, and data security.

Leading-Edge Technologies

We utilize a wide range of technologies in our Big Data projects, including distributed storage, database management, data processing, machine learning, and programming languages.

Choose the Big Data Experts

MDQuality Apps is here to help you achieve your Big Data goals, enhancing business efficiency and decision-making through our extensive experience in providing Big Data services.


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