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At MDQuality Apps, we prioritize delivering exceptional value for your investment through our thoughtful and practical pricing models. Our commitment to providing comprehensive value for your unique needs drives us to offer customizable engagement models that align with your goals. Our pricing strategies are transparent, flexible, cost-effective, and quality-focused, ensuring you get the best service.

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We believe in open communication. You'll stay updated on every step of the process, from delivery updates to interactions and workflow.


Our engagement models are designed to be adaptable, catering to the specific needs of your company. We adjust to your requirements, not the other way around.

Effective in Terms of Cost

Our approach combines extended managed teams with optimized costs, ensuring you receive top-quality services at an economical price.


We pay meticulous attention to every stage of the delivery procedure, guaranteeing the highest quality outcomes.

Models of Engagement that Drive Success

Our engagement strategies are designed to promote business success, agility, and expansion. We offer various models to cater to your specific project requirements:

Fixed Cost

Ideal for projects with well-defined requirements and scope, the fixed-price model ensures all project needs are predefined from the project's inception. This model suits small and medium-sized projects with constrained budgets. Key project goals, deliverables, timeframes, and costs are established upfront, ensuring transparency throughout the project.

  • starburst-shape Predetermined, specific budget.
  • starburst-shape Billing is milestone-dependent.
  • starburst-shape Client approval required for scope changes.
  • starburst-shape Minimal risk, as cost and timeline are established in advance.

Time and Resources

For projects with ambiguous scopes and dynamic, ever-changing needs, the Time & Material approach is the best fit. With this model, you can be billed by the hour, day, week, or month, based on the work, resources, or other costs involved in the development process. This flexibility allows you to adapt project specifications and resources to suit your evolving requirements.

  • starburst-shape Payment options include hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • starburst-shape Flexibility to add new activities and adjust resources as needed.
  • starburst-shape Ideal for projects with changing scopes and requirements.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Projects requiring rapid scalability or long-term employment of professional developers benefit from the dedicated hiring approach. This arrangement is ideal for meeting tight project deadlines, accommodating unexpected team growth, or employing developers with expertise in cutting-edge technologies. You retain full control over procedures and resource management.

  • starburst-shape Perfect for clients with internal staff overseeing projects.
  • starburst-shape Assign dedicated developers to your project.
  • starburst-shape Choose between fixed-fee or hourly billing.
  • starburst-shape Virtual personnel exclusively dedicated to your team.

Our commitment to flexible and tailored engagement models ensures we meet your specific needs, from the well-defined to the ever-evolving. MDQuality Apps is your reliable partner for achieving your project goals efficiently and effectively.


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