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Comprehensive Salesforce Professional Services

At MDQuality Apps, we offer a wide array of professional services tailored to enhance your Salesforce experience, helping you unlock its full potential for your business. Our expert team is well-equipped to address your CRM needs and optimize your sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

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Why Choose MDQuality Apps?

We bring over 6 years of experience in the IT industry, with a dedicated focus on CRM development. Our team boasts more than 8 experts, including certified Salesforce associates, administrators, and developers. We possess extensive industry knowledge, serving sectors such as finance, telecoms, professional services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Our expertise extends beyond Salesforce, with skills honed over the years in areas like IoT, big data, data science, collaboration solutions, mobile app development, and image analysis, allowing us to tackle complex projects that go beyond the Salesforce ecosystem.

MDQuality Apps offers a comprehensive suite of services to support your CRM strategy:

Salesforce Consulting: Rely on our knowledgeable consultants to address unique CRM concerns, align departments, boost sales productivity, and improve CRM performance. Our specialists provide valuable training to empower your team to maximize Salesforce's potential.

Salesforce Deployment: We ensure a seamless integration of Salesforce into your operations, offering guidance from implementation advice to post-launch support. We tailor the solution to meet your business needs effectively.

Customizing Salesforce: Receive a tailored solution designed to align with your business and industry requirements. Our specialized modules cover lead and opportunity management, performance monitoring, reporting, and more, enabling you to fully leverage the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Application Development: Whether you need a custom Salesforce app, an AppExchange app for revenue generation, or an integration to enhance sales, marketing, and customer care processes, we've got you covered. Salesforce Migration: Safely migrate on-premises or cloud-hosted legacy systems to Salesforce. Our expert team ensures secure data transfer, minimizes downtime, and expedites user acceptance.

Integration with Salesforce: Seamlessly connect Salesforce with other cloud-based or on-premises business applications, ensuring a consistent flow of information across departments. We handle challenging projects, including integrating Salesforce with systems such as ERP, CRM, accounting, and marketing automation. Salesforce Upgrades: Stay ahead of the competition by expanding your platform's capabilities, incorporating custom add-ons, and adopting the latest technological advancements in Salesforce. Salesforce Maintenance and Support: Choose a practical support package to ensure the long-term stability of your Salesforce system. Anticipate and swiftly address performance issues, minimize system outages, and enhance user engagement.

MDQuality Apps is proficient in delivering Salesforce flagship solutions, including:

Web Portal and Salesforce-Based Service Platform Test Automation: We reduced GUI controls and conducted automated testing for a web portal and Salesforce-based service platform. Custom App Development for Telecom Company's Salesforce-SharePoint Integration: Our integration tool improved access to SharePoint content from CRM, facilitating sharing with Salesforce contacts. Salesforce-Website Integration Application: We streamlined success stories into a consistent format to aid sales teams using Salesforce Sales Cloud.


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