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Real Estate Technology Services

Our suite of real estate and property solutions offers affordability that can truly transform your business, elevating its performance and providing a competitive edge.

Real Estate Market

Ensure your real estate property listings reach potential buyers, sellers, and renters interested in residential and commercial properties, facilitating seamless transactions.

hospital management app and web development
hospital management app and web development
Real Estate Listings

We provide a property feed with search and filter options based on property type, location, or agent name, making property searching easier than ever.

Virtual Property Tours

Experience interactive and immersive virtual property tours, allowing you to explore properties from the comfort of your own home.

Plan Property Visits

Effortlessly manage your shortlisted properties and schedule visits with our user-friendly tool.

Our comprehensive real estate web application is designed to provide a holistic solution for property management, encompassing diverse functionalities to meet the complex needs of landlords, tenants, and property managers alike. Through intuitive user interfaces, users can seamlessly list properties, manage tenant relationships, track leases, and generate financial reports. Leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence for predictive analytics and machine learning for data-driven insights, our platform offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in decision-making processes. Additionally, blockchain integration ensures secure transactions and transparent record-keeping, fostering trust among stakeholders. With customizable dashboards, automated notifications, and real-time data synchronization, users can optimize operational workflows, mitigate risks, and maximize returns on their real estate investments.

Property Transactions

Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or rent, you can easily post your property and reach millions of potential buyers.

Efficient Home Rental Management

Manage tenant responses and rental properties on the go, ensuring smooth property management.

Property Valuation Calculators

Access Property Valuation Calculators to get an accurate estimate of property value, helping you make informed decisions.

Real-Time Messaging

Stay connected with all parties involved through our instant messaging option, ensuring seamless communication.

Digital Contracts and Agreements

Handle agreements virtually in a paperless mode for increased efficiency and convenience.

Comprehensive Property Management

Connect with service providers such as Packers & Movers, Designers, and Décor experts to enhance your property management experience.

Property Auction Website

Our platform offers a bidding engine and a common space for displaying information about properties available for online auctions.

Property Evaluation Software

Buyers, sellers, and agents can estimate property values from any location, at any time.

Live Real Estate Auctions

Stay updated on auctions with live status alerts and receive notifications about upcoming auctions.

Inventory Management

Our inventory control module helps you maintain up-to-date records of all inventories and resources.

Bridge Loans and Auction Financing

We offer developers and landlords access to bridging loans through auction financing, simplifying financial transactions.

Bidders' Dashboard

Utilize cutting-edge technology with our intelligent dashboard to plan, manage, and track bid activity.

Analytics and Reports

Access reporting analytics tailored for the real estate industry to aid in sales forecasting.

CRM Solutions

Our executive and real estate business solutions provide a dashboard for tracking and managing valuable leads and overseeing residential and commercial real estate sales.

Real Estate Search Engine

Easily find your ideal residential, commercial, or agricultural property through our powerful search engine.

Transaction and Commission Tracking

Track real estate commissions and manage incentives, keeping your focus on sealing successful deals.

Billing and Invoices

Streamline your real estate business with convenient multilingual invoice tools for billing and invoicing.

Automated Documentation

Access intelligent templates and data to create automated documents, simplifying your paperwork process.

Seamless Integration

We offer support for seamless third-party integrations, ensuring smooth real estate transactions.

Property Management Software

Our software streamlines the operations of hotels, commercial, residential, and rental properties, enhancing efficiency.

Customer Service Portal

Share information securely with all your clients and contractors through our secure customer service portal.

Marketing and Pre-Sales

Track all marketing and pre-sales activities to achieve the best results for your real estate business.

Reservation Engine

View properties at various stages of the purchase cycle from a single dashboard, streamlining your property transactions.

Activity Planner and Tracker

Organize, plan, and track all activities for maximum productivity in real estate dealings.

Document and Regulatory Management

Stay organized, search and find documents easily, and ensure regulatory compliance with our document management software.

Property Valuation Software

Access valuation software or calculators for determining the value of commercial and residential properties based on various factors.

Property Information Feed

Easily browse property listings based on location, area, and other factors such as property age.

Construction and Structural Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of real estate projects with advanced structural and construction software.

Property Valuation for All

Our platform offers property valuation for all types of properties, allowing site users to assess their property's value.

Intelligent Property Predictions

Leverage system intelligence to assist agents and brokers in predicting property values.

Effortless Customer Management

Effortlessly manage and organize customer and client data.

Document Management

Stay organized, search, and access documents quickly, ensuring paperwork is readily available.

AR/VR Property Tools

Our AR/VR property tools provide clients with an immersive and interactive walkthrough of properties from any location, at any time.

Experiential Learning

Easily render images with dynamic interactions and animations, creating a captivating visual experience.

Real Estate Models

View property models that include images, videos, and audio files, enhancing property exploration.

Comprehensive Property Walkthroughs

Experience complete virtual property tours without the need to physically visit the property.

Software for Common Area Maintenance

Our maintenance of public spaces software helps calculate, manage, and track expenses and their distribution effectively.

CAM Fee Calculations

Calculate common area maintenance fees using CAM real estate software.

Efficient CAM Expense Tracking

Manage and track the costs of common area maintenance in shared spaces efficiently.

Customized CAM Plans

Get a customized CAM plan tailored to your needs, along with CAM Expenses Management and Distribution.

Success Stories

Choose from our pool of dedicated developers for reliable real estate development solutions. We leverage our experience and technology stack to create unique online and mobile apps. Here are some of our notable achievements:

Legacy System Modernization

Explore the journey of transforming a legacy system, over a decade old, into a multi-platform digital enterprise system. Our goal is to increase automation and interaction in the current process, ensuring the highest level of efficiency and convenience.


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